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Ben's Story

Ben is web and cloud software development specialist. He is a pleasure to work with and outside his professional life, he does the things that everyday people do and enjoy. He exercises regularly, eats healthily (that is, sometimes) and socialises whenever he gets the chance.

He has been in the software industry for over a decade and there is a lot to show for it by way of experience. He has served the companies and individuals who have cared to hire him diligently and with great results. He is humbled by the appreciation he has received over the years from satisfied clients.

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Ben lives in the outskirts of London
United Kingdom

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Ben's Résumé

Ben has had a lengthy career in the information technology industry so to attempt to enumerate every project he has worked on is not a wise thing to do. What you are going to read here is a summary of some of the projects that have been used as exhibits to demonstrate the kind of work that has kept him busy and ticking along. Technical depth has been left out and for the reader who requires more information, Ben can be reached via email or by sending a message on the Contact Me form.

To kick things off, Ben can work on websites with varying levels of complexity ranging from small business websites to the mammoth websites of global corporations. He uses mostly Microsoft technologies in the .Net and the Azure space to deliver solutions. However, he has exposure to other complimentary technologies that are a necessity for a functioning website. He has also worked on websites built on out-of-the-box content management systems(CMS). Let's proceed to discuss a few projects and the ideas underpinning the work. Ben has had a major involvement as a developer in all the projects that are discussed.


Project comprises building a set of micro services for verifying every pack of prescription medication that is dispensed in European phamarcies and hospital outlets. The project is based on a stack of Microsoft technologies including the Azure cloud infrastructure.

Car Dealerships

A green field project to build a website for car dealers to allow online customers to browse the vehicles catalogue, contact dealers, request a test drive, request a callback. The site uses Web APIs exposed to the dealers to feed new and used vehicles into a backend database that drives the site.

Community Care

This is a match-making website for care seekers ( the people requiring care ) and carers ( the people giving care ) to find each other. Due to budgetary constraints and the need for simplicity, the website was built using an off-the-shelf content management system.

Accounting Association

A website about a group of like-minded accountants who had formed an association and they wanted to publicise their activities. The website is content-managed which makes it easier for the site authors to publish new content.

In a Nutshell

Ben can work with web ApIs, micro-services, .Net Framework, Azure cloud, the front-end technologies. For an in-depth technical discussion, he can be reached via email or by sending a message on the Contact Me form.